Come learn about the Chiseled Face *N E X T L E V E L* | Morphic Field | Subliminal and how it can help you improve your life!

Chiseled Face *N E X T L E V E L* | Morphic Field | Subliminal

Chiseled Face is an exciting new product that takes the power of subliminal messaging to the next level. Using the latest in audio technology, Chiseled Face delivers powerful affirmations directly to your subconscious mind, helping you to sculpt the perfect face.

How it Works

Chiseled Face uses a unique audio process called “Morphic Field Technology” to embed powerful affirmations into the background music. As you listen to the music, your subconscious mind absorbs the affirmations, helping you to achieve the results you desire.


Chiseled Face is the perfect way to achieve the chiseled, handsome look you’ve always wanted. With regular use, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel.

  • Achieve the perfect chiseled look
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Look and feel your best

How to Use

For best results, we recommend listening to Chiseled Face for at least 30 minutes per day. Simply put on the headphones, sit back, and relax. The powerful affirmations will do the rest.

Start your journey to a better you today with Chiseled Face!
Chiseled Face *N E X T L E V E L* | Morphic Field | Subliminal =========================================================== Join this channel to get access to perks: bit.ly/MindMorphMembership =========================================================== PATREON ➜Patreon.com/MindMorph =========================================================== Resources FREE Certified Life Coach Workshop ➜bit.ly/3g6jAIA Become a Certified Coach Today ➜bit.ly/3o7nUvc School for Positive Transformation ➜bit.ly/3nQMTTy =========================================================== ⚙Cool Products⚙ Explore meditation technology with The MindPlace Company ➜bit.ly/34uJ93h ============================================================ Social IG ➜instagram.com/mind.morph/ =========================================================== This formula is intended to burn facial fat and strengthen facial muscles, basically sculpting the face to look more youthful and attractive. Unisex. Designed to give you quicker results. Remember that drinking 64 oz of water is HIGHLY recommended. You can listen without headphones. MP3s of this formula available on Patreon. Mind Morph FAQ: How often do I need to use this? I’m no longer putting restrictions (as far as listening is concerned) on formulas so you can listen as much as you want. If you’re experiencing any discomfort for any reason, JUST STOP LISTENING. Will this formula also ___________? Whatever I say in the description is what it does; however, this is also a possibility that it might do something else on top of what I actually intend the formula to do. You would have to find that out for yourself though as I don’t have some of the conditions you might have. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for an upload of a formula that deals with your particular condition. What’s the difference between V2 and the original version? The difference is in the process of how I make the formulas. Also, the different versions come with different instructions on how to listen to them so please make sure to read the description every time you’re trying out a formula. How long until I start seeing results? The trick to getting results in a short amount of time is to actually not worry about the results. You’re going to get them. That’s all that matters. I have made myself a lab rat to my own formulas many times and when I stopped obsessing over if they worked or not I started seeing results. Just take some time out of the day to listen and when you’re done just go about your day not thinking about results. The affirmations are stuck in your subconscious at this point and they aren’t going anywhere unless you actively try to remove them. Can I download these formulas? In my descriptions and and many videos, I have mentioned that mp3s of these formulas are on Patreon. I can’t stop anyone from ripping my content with a converter but the quality isn’t the same when you do so knock yourself out. How do you make your formulas? For obvious reasons, you know why I can’t/won’t reveal that. How do I make formulas if I want to start a channel then? Start with research. Some of the information is there but it’s also going to come down to you just experimenting. ============================================================= DISLCAIMER: Mind Morph content is not intended to provide medical or other professional health care advice or prescription medications, nor is it intended to be used to diagnose or assess health conditions or to be substituted for professional guidance in treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. You understand that Mind Morph is not responsible for misuse you may make of the content on this YouTube channel. ============================================================= Mind Morph is here to save the world by helping those who choose to save themselves. This is done through brain entrainment, and keep in mind that intention is key. If your intentions are good, manifestation is guaranteed.