Read about Emily and Kenny's story of how DFW Fertility Associates helped them have a baby. Then, learn more about fertility treatment and find out if it's right for you.

Emily and Kenny’s Story: DFW Fertility Associates Patients Emily and Kenny had been trying to conceive for over a year with no success. They had been through all the basic fertility tests and everything came back normal. Their doctor suggested that they see a fertility specialist. They found Dr. Gupta at DFW Fertility Associates and immediately felt comfortable with her. She explained that even though everything looked normal, sometimes couples just need a little help getting pregnant. She recommended IVF. They decided to go ahead with IVF and it was a success! Emily and Kenny are now the proud parents of a healthy baby boy. If you’re struggling to get pregnant, don’t give up hope. There are options available to help you have the baby you’ve always wanted.

“It was a shock when we learned why we were having issues, but it was good to understand the cause of it, which allowed us to better understand what we need to do to get pregnant. And, IVF was our route forward.”

Emily and Kenny sat down to share their fertility journey with donor egg and IVF, at DFW Fertility Associates. We wanted to feature their story this National Infertility Awareness Week, in hopes that it might help those struggling with infertility feel less alone. Thank you, Emily and Kenny, for being so open about your rollercoaster ride. Thank you for your contribution in helping to change the conversation around Infertility.

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