What happened to our embryos? | In vitro fertilization We had IVF and our embryos didn't survive. What went wrong?

What happened to our embryos? | In vitro fertilization

Many couples who undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) are left wondering what happens to their leftover embryos. While some couples choose to donate their embryos to science or to another infertile couple, others may opt to keep their embryos frozen indefinitely in case they want to have another child in the future. However, the reality is that most embryos are never used, and many couples are left wondering what to do with them.

What happens to embryos after IVF?

After a couple completes an IVF cycle, they are typically left with several embryos. These embryos are stored in a cryogenic tank, where they can be preserved for years. If a couple decides they want to have another child, they can have their embryos thawed and implanted. If they do not want to have any more children, they may choose to donate their embryos to another couple or to a research facility.

Why are most embryos never used?

There are a number of reasons why most embryos are never used. For one, many couples who undergo IVF are only able to produce a limited number of eggs. This means that they may only have a few embryos to begin with. Additionally, the success rate for IVF is relatively low, so many couples will only have one or two embryos that are viable for implantation.

What happens to unused embryos?

Couples who have unused embryos may choose to keep them frozen indefinitely, donate them to another couple or to a research facility, or have them destroyed. While some couples feel attached to their embryos and view them as potential children, others view them as medical waste and have no problem with having them destroyed.


Unused embryos are a common result of IVF. Couples may choose to keep them frozen, donate them, or have them destroyed. The decision of what to do with unused embryos is a personal one that couples must make based on their own values and beliefs.

I definitely should have grabbed some tissue while recording this video, whew!! Watch as I explain the options I had for my unused embryos after divorce and what happened to the embryos.

* Just FYI – this video could be considered triggering for some. Remember to let your replies be filled with love, this is the HARDEST video I ever had to record.

xx Candace

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