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SDFC, Victoria Gelfand and Steve Snyder talk IVF and US Surrogacy for Israeli intended parents

In a recent interview, SDFC’s Victoria Gelfand and Steve Snyder talked about IVF and US surrogacy for Israeli intended parents. They discussed the process of IVF and how it is done in Israel, as well as the process of finding a surrogate and working with her in the US.

Victoria and Steve explained that the process of IVF is very similar in Israel and the US, but there are some key differences. In Israel, the woman undergoing IVF must take medication to stimulate her ovaries to produce eggs. This medication is given by injection, and the woman must be monitored closely by her doctor. In the US, the woman takes medication orally, and she is not monitored as closely.

Once the eggs are retrieved, they are fertilized with sperm in the lab. The resulting embryos are then transferred to the woman’s uterus. In Israel, only one embryo is transferred at a time, while in the US, multiple embryos may be transferred.

If the woman becomes pregnant, she will carry the baby to term and deliver it. In the US, the surrogate is typically paid for her services. In Israel, the surrogate is not paid, but she is given a stipend to cover her expenses.

Victoria and Steve explained that there are many reasons why Israeli couples may choose to use US surrogacy. One reason is that it is less expensive than surrogacy in Israel. Another reason is that it is easier to find a surrogate in the US than it is in Israel.

Victoria and Steve noted that the process of IVF and surrogacy can be stressful for couples, but they urged couples to keep their sense of humor and to focus on the positive. They said that the most important thing is to have realistic expectations and to be prepared for the possibility that the IVF may not work.

As the COVID-19 pandemic starts to be tackled with vaccines and the world reopens slowly, we are putting on this webinar to give you more information on the IVF and surrogacy process in the United States.

Topics that will be touched upon are:

How to maximise your success and minimise your cost throughout the process

Covid vaccine update – what is safe before/during IVF and pregnancy

FDA testing and how that works for shipping of gametes/embryos to the US

Legal considerations in the US and Israel

Your panelists are:

Dr Said Daneshmand – Leading fertility specialist at San Diego Fertility Center

Victoria Gelfand, Esq. – Leading Israeli Surrogacy Attorney

Steve Snyder, Esq. – Owner of one of the US top surrogacy agencies IARC