Dr. Bryan Kansas is a urologist in Austin, Texas who specializes in penile male enhancement. He offers a variety of treatments to improve sexual function and satisfaction.

Penuma Penile Male Enhancement Video

In this video, Dr. Bryan Kansas, Urologist at Urology Austin, discusses the Penuma penile male enhancement procedure. He begins by briefly discussing the anatomy of the penis and how the Penuma works. He then goes on to discuss the benefits of the procedure, including increased length and girth, as well as increased sensation. He also discusses the risks and side effects of the procedure, which are rare but can include infection, bleeding, and scarring. Overall, Dr. Kansas provides a clear and concise overview of the Penuma procedure and its benefits and risks.

Dr. Bryan Kansas presents an educational video on Penuma Penile Male Enhancement surgery. Penuma is an FDA cleared penile implant designed specifically for cosmetic enhancement. The implant is manufactured in the United States from soft, natural feeling, medical-grade silicone. It is entirely different in shape and function from medical implants used to treat erectile dysfunction. At Urology Austin, Penuma implant surgery is performed by Dr. Bryan Kansas. Dr. Kansas is the first Urologist in Central Texas and the second in the state of Texas to be trained in the Penuma procedure. In addition, he is one of the first surgeons in the world trained to perform Penuma. The Penuma implant does not treat erectile dysfunction. Instead, it is a cosmetic option for men who are interested in the increasing their penile penile flaccid and erect girth. Learn more and see before and after pictures at urologyaustin.com/male-urolog…