"Princess Diana Had A SECRET DAUGHTER. Read about it and see if you can help solve the problem."

Princess Diana Had A SECRET DAUGHTER

Princess Diana had a “secret daughter” who was given away at birth, according to a bombshell new book. The explosive new biography, written by British journalist Andrew Morton, makes the shocking claim that the late Princess of Wales gave birth to a baby girl in 1980 who was then given away.

Diana named the child Sarah and was allegedly persuaded by her then-lover James Hewitt to give her up for adoption as she was not married to Prince Charles at the time, the book claims. Morton, who also penned the 1992 book Diana: Her True Story, writes that the baby girl was born in Lewisham Hospital in London on December 5, 1980 and Diana kept her pregnancy hidden from the public and her family.

“Once the baby was born, Diana named her Sarah and gave her up for adoption. It was a decision that she would come to regret for the rest of her life,” Morton writes in the new book, Diana: In Her Own Words, according to The Sun.

The writer claims that Diana was “inconsolable” after she was forced to give up her child and was “convinced” that Sarah was “the image of her.”

“She was told by James that it would be best for everyone, including Sarah, if she were adopted,” Morton writes.

“Although Diana would later say that she was persuaded to give Sarah up, it was a decision that she would come to regret for the rest of her life,” he adds.

The new claims come just weeks after another bombshell biography about Diana, titled The Diana Chronicles, was released. In that book, her former butler Paul Burrell claims that the royal had an affair with her riding instructor James Hewitt and that he helped her cover it up.

Princess Diana Had A SECRET DAUGHTER

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A woman named Sarah, who looks strikingly similar to the late Princess Diana has come forward to say that she is Diana’s daughter.

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