If you're struggling with surrogacy or in vitro fertilization in Canada, this article is for you. Learn about the challenges faced by parents trying to have children through these methods, and find out what you can do to help.

Parenting in Canada: The struggle of surrogacy and in vitro fertilization

For many Canadian couples, the traditional path to parenthood simply isn’t possible. Fertility issues affect one in six Canadian couples, and for those struggling to conceive, the journey to parenthood can be long, difficult, and expensive.

For some, surrogacy is the answer. Surrogacy is when another woman carries and delivers a baby for another couple or individual. It’s often the last resort for couples struggling with fertility, and can be an expensive and emotionally fraught process.

In Canada, surrogacy is legal, but there are no laws regulating it. This means that there is no protection for either the surrogate or the intended parents, and the process can be open to abuse.

In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile cases of surrogacy gone wrong, which has put a spotlight on the need for regulation. In one case, a Canadian couple was left stranded in India after their surrogate mother refused to hand over the baby. In another, a Canadian woman was left with $140,000 in medical bills after her surrogate refused to sign over parental rights.

These cases have highlighted the need for better protection for all parties involved in surrogacy arrangements. At the moment, Canadian couples who want to use a surrogate must go through a lengthy and expensive process of finding one themselves, often through word of mouth or online forums. This can leave them vulnerable to exploitation, and without any legal recourse if things go wrong.

The Canadian government has promised to introduce legislation to regulate surrogacy, but so far nothing has been done. In the meantime, couples who are struggling to conceive are left to navigate a murky and unregulated system.

Parenting in Canada can be difficult for those who deal with surrogacy and in vitro fertilization. The National looks at the struggles prospective Canadian parents face with both options.

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